Products Offered


With numerous colour, texture, and style options available, you may initially feel overwhelmed with the variety of carpeting we carry in our showroom. But don't despair. Our knowledgeable and trained sales staff is here to assist you with selecting carpeting to best suit your lifestyle. Whether you need carpeting for outdoor living, commercial property, or simply providing warmth and comfort to a living room, we have you covered. In addition, many of our carpeting lines offer generous wear, retention, and stain warranties so as to ensure that your carpeting retains the fresh look you originally selected.

  1. Mohawk:

    • Horizon Collection: Smart Strand with Dupont Sorona Polymer
    • Aladdin Collection
  2. Beaulieu

    • Peerless Comfort Collection
    • Bliss
  3. Kraus

  4. Shaw

  5. Fuzion


Hardwood flooring has substantially advanced from the products offered in days past. Many lines now offer a rich variety of species, stains, warranties, and durability properties. Many of the lines we carry are proudly made in Canada, which is renowned for offering the finest quality hardwood flooring. And because many of our product lines are domestically produced, we are able to pass substantial savings on to you while still providing you with quality and durability

  1. Floors@Work

  2. Beaulieu

  3. Fuzion

  4. Appalachian

  5. NAF (North American Flooring)

  6. Quickstyle

Laminate Flooring

While laminate flooring may have begun as a conspicuous imposter, trying in vain to take the place of hardwood, it has made substantial advances in technology, colours, and textures, making it a serious contender against hardwood. Moreover, laminate installation has become a breeze. No longer are expensive glues needed for a professional installation. Rather, many of our products have different patented technologies, allowing, in many cases, the average buyer to install the product and save on installation costs. Numerous lines now come with acoustic-barrier under padding already attached to the product.

  1. Floors@Work

  2. Kraus

  3. Shaw

  4. Beaulieu

  5. Faus

  6. Quickstyle


No longer is cork primarily used for preserving bottles of varying vintages of wine. Cork has emerged in the floor covering industry as a fresh product, providing unmatched, eco-friendly, modern styles to revolutionize any décor. And because of cork's natural insulation properties, it is the warmest type of floating floor on the market, making it pleasant to the touch.

  1. Fuzion


At Michael's Flooring and Window Fashions we carry a wide variety of tiles to provide clients with the freedom to select specific styles and grades to compliment their lifestyles and décor. Whether you are looking for a durable full-bodied or glazed porcelain tile for commercial use; slate or granite tile for a natural, outdoors ambience; or classic ceramic tiles to suit any space, we have what you are looking for at affordable prices. In fact, because we pride ourselves with delivering only the finest quality products at affordable prices, we only carry PEI 4 ceramic tiles, which are the most durable ceramic tiles on the market, at prices competitive with big-box stores, who typically sell lower grade tiles which are easily susceptible to cracking. And to personalize any space we carry beautiful listellos, glass mosaics, and accent tiles.

  1. Durox

  2. Ceratec

  3. Olympia Tile

  4. Centura Tile

  5. Sarana

  6. Trusa

  7. Dal Tile


As a Mannington One Dealer, a designation Mannington bestowed upon us as an award for selling the most Mannington products in Essex County, we only carry Mannington products. Mannington has an unsurpassed reputation for not only the finest quality and breadth of products but it also has a sterling reputation for customer service. And because we only carry Mannington products, we receive generous cost savings, which we pass on to you. Vinyl has emerged as practical alternative to tile. While tile can be hard and cold to the touch, vinyl flooring offers a softer surface that retains heat but also retains durability through unique surface technologies. And vinyl floors now have extremely realistic patterns, ranging from tile to hardwood looks, which can trick the most observant of people into believing that the surface is not vinyl.

  1. Beaulieu

  2. Shaw

  3. Mannington


Once you have you have selected a floor to complement your lifestyle and décor, consider completing your project with window shades to provide both privacy and style to your space. We carry numerous styles of window shades, which come in a variety of modern colours and materials, ranging from wood to metals to varying fabrics. In particular, we are very excited about the Shade-O-Matic line of window shades. Shade-O-Matic offers elegant textures and designs coupled with modern technology to elevate any space beyond your expectations.

  1. Shade-O-Matic

Cleaning Products

Flooring can be a major investment for any household. While many products offer generous warranties and unique stain-prevention technologies, such product offering only perform as well as the care and maintenance applied by the product's owner. Accordingly, it is imperative to use the proper cleaning products on your floors. We offer many cleaning products, which are designed to clean specific floor coverings and allow you to get the most out of your investment.

  1. Bona: Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  2. HG Cleaning Products
  3. Mannington Vinyl Cleaner

Color Rite

Add a professional touch to any job with Color Rite products. Color Rite is an evaporative cure, elastomeric latex, gun-grade sealant and adhesive caulking with a silicone additive. Rather than merely using boring silicones, which are limited in colour varieties, select Color Rite to match or contrast any surface's colour. Color Rite's application is almost limitless. Whether you want to add a professional touch to any floor, countertops, baseboards, masonry, cabinets, or other exterior or internal surfaces, Color Rite provides advantages that others can't. As a Color Rite Dealer we cater our Color Rite products to the do-it-yourselfer or business owners who want to compliment their product offerings by selling Color Rite products in their establishments.